Practise Understanding And Compassion

I know. What a no brainer that is. To practise understanding and compassion. Haven’t we all heard that before? Yes. And it is great if you have been practising them in your daily lives. I know I fall short of that sometimes. Especially in the heat of the moment, letting my emotions win over what is supposedly ‘common sense’ or the right thing to do. And that is precisely why I include this here. Sometimes we forget, and we need to be reminded of things. That is just how it is. To be able to understand situations, someone else’s plight and show compassion from that understanding will enable you to become a better person. It definitely does not hurt your relationships moving forward, if not only boosting them. But more importantly, it is about spreading that bit of humanity around us. Imagine if many others, or just one person, got inspired from witnessing that act and do the same in his own circle. And that in turn inspire someone else. On and on it continues to catch on one after the other. What an awesome place we could be living in. And it all started with just one person (namely, you) making the decision to consciously practise understanding and compassion.


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