Practise SODA – “Stop, Observe, Decide and Act”

I recently came across a great tool that I feel is a timeless piece of reminder to live a successful life. SODA – “Stop, Observe, Decide and Act”. Often times we have condition ourselves to be reactive to situations that happens around and to us. And usually, in those scenarios, we tend to find ourselves not being at our best. Performing at our best. Perhaps our instincts need a lot more work to be able to do that. But until then, we could greatly benefit from practising SODA – stop, observe, decide and act.

  1. Stop

Take in a moment. Breathe.

  1. Observe

Look and assess what is happening, without jumping into conclusions.

  1. Decide

Come up with possible solutions or steps to move forward. Decide on the next course of action.

  1. Act

Then, act on it.

Even if you did not make the best sound decision, at the very least, your action after going through SODA, will be much better than just reacting to situations on base on a whim or emotions.


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