Not Your Opinion, But Your Undivided Attention

When someone appears to be down, stressed out or unhappy and they want to talk to you, you need to first and foremost, shut up and zip your mouth. I don’t care if you have the proven solutions or experiences that can help that person. If you truly want to help, be there and give your undivided attention. Focus on that person. Allow he or she to talk and let it all out. You say nothing unless it is to encourage more of the sharing. When at long last, that person eventually stops and this is the most important bit, asks or seeks for your inputs, then only will you indulge yourself. Yes, indulge yourself. Do not give it to them when you are not asked. That’s what many people do and then wonder why their relationship is strained, even after supposedly ‘helping’ the other person. Most of the time, people just want someone to talk to and listen to them. They might not even need your opinion, just your undivided attention. Regardless the station of that person and how extroverted or introverted he or she is, we all want to be heard. So do your fellow mankind a favour and lend your ear.


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