Be A Selective Listener

Every single day, you are bombarded with lots of sounds, voices, ideas and unfortunately sometimes, just plain old crap. Utter waste of time. Thing is, you need to be very selective on what you listen to. Because like it or not, it will enter your mind and influence or affect you somehow. If it is for the better, great, listen away. If it does otherwise, then you got yourself a problem. To be able to do this, you need to identify and be clear on what is/are important to you. Only you can answer this. No one else. Others could perhaps recommend or guide you in your selection, but ultimately you need to make the choice. Once you do that, start filtering the sounds that your ear picks up. If you have to leave a conversation because it is draining you, by all means do it. Unless however, you have a gun pointed at you. In the event of normal situations, the power is in your hands. Same goes to the music that you come across, the seminars/conferences that you are attending and listening to or anything else for that matter.


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