Some People Are Not Meant To Stay In Your Life

The truth of the matter is that not everyone you meet, like and perhaps fall in love with are meant to stay forever in your life. Essentially, everyone will leave. And that is nothing to be sorry about. We all will die. And we each have our own lives and journeys to take on. The way I like to see it is that the people that have been put into my life were/are there to either teach or inspire me to serve my purpose in this world. They could have a big or a very minor role to play. But all very much important. We are not alone. We cannot function alone. We are definitely not created to remain alone and by our individual selves throughout our entire lifespan. As social creatures that we are, that is just not how we are created to be. But at the same time, we need to remember that the life we all lead has an expiration date and its due course. Once our time and purpose is up, we have to go.


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