If Someone Says That Is Who They Are, Believe Them

The human mind is a fascinating subject. And each one is unique to the respective individual. That is why when you observe someone else, you might think that because of the qualities that he or she is exhibiting, you would think that the person is capable of certain things. However, when that information is shared with said individual, you might find he or she denying it, not because it is untrue. It just that it isn’t how the person sees themselves as. It will be a waste of energy figuring out who is right in this case, simply due to the fact that they are both looking at the situation with different set of lenses. If someone says that is who they are, believe them. It might not be what you think it should be. But that is irrelevant, at least if you want to continue the conversation with that person. Your life would definitely be at more ease when you accept their version of themselves and work with that instead of the one you had in your mind.


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