Be Patient With Yourself

It is already a significant challenge to be patient with another person, what more with yourself. But all the more reason for us to strive to do so. You see, patience is a necessary ingredient to achieve something, especially if it is of a high value. You would know if you have ever visited a fast food outlet and a full service restaurant. Perhaps many can consider being patient with another person, but to do so with oneself rarely entered their mind and not being conscious of it thus being able to do that, will affect the outcome of their work. Think about it. Would you somehow benefit by practising patience with yourself? Would your work perhaps turn out better? I know that you might feel the need to be hard on yourself to make things happen, but just remember, that what you can control is the work that you put into your dream and goal, not the outcome. And to be able to maintain a level of sanity while you’re at that, it would be wise to also practise some patience with yourself.


One thought on “Be Patient With Yourself

  1. That’s so true. Sometimes I feel that I’m so impatient with myself and it affects my ability to focus and makes it even harder to be patient! Round and round it goes.

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