Know Who You Are Serving

Whatever that you do, be it if you are an employee or employer or a leader, you are essentially serving someone else. Sometimes it is easy to forget that when the work load increases or other problems and distractions appear that take our attention and focus on the people that we are serving. Usually when that happens, we will find that the quality of our work is affected and that we have no one else to point the finger at but our ownselves. It might seemed unfair to you but here is the reality. Life is not what happens to you but what you make of it. If your work load increases, problems and distractions arises, you need to handle them as swiftly as possible. But the main focus should still centre at the main group that you are serving. If that means you need to cut some projects and opportunities, you do what you must. If that means that you have lesser sleep than usual, you do that. Do not let the focus shifts unless you make that decision on your own accord, not because of the pressure that you faced. Know who you are serving, and serve them well. You deserve to give the best of yourself to them.


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