Negativity Comes So Easy

One thing that you should really be mindful of in life, is the energy that surrounds and is within you. Too often, you would realise that our energy is not a stable force. Sometimes it is good and other times not so much. Am sure that you know which of those are better for you. The only thing, or dare I say the irony, is that the negativity comes so easy. And very cunningly smooth, it will seep into your space and infect you. This is where you need to understand what sets it off. Experiment. Change things around. See what works and what doesn’t. You will begin to realise that if we were to do a + b + c, the result will be as such and if were to do a + b + d, the result will be different. Of course, there would be different combinations to the equation. You can look at successful people and those that you admire, but just bear in mind, that everyone is unique. So copy with a grain of salt.


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