What You Feed Your Mind With Changes You

I have learned that we are the fabric of what we feed or let our minds be fed with. It is beyond culture, environment or society. Those are external. Although they do have their own set of influence, the one that truly matters is the one inside each and everyone of you. Whatever you feed or allow your mind to be fed with is the one that will shape your outlook in life and thereby your reality. The books that we read, the television shows and youtube videos that we watch, the conversations that we have and participate in, all of those and many others are what you are feeding your mind with. We always talk about the gut when we address the topic on food and body, but we tend to forget that our minds need them to. It might differ in terms of the nature of its consumption and which organs are used, but it functions in a very similar way. It provides you with the fuel to take on life. Your life. Guard your mind or you will find yourself doing things that other people wants you to and rarely, will it be at your own best interest (despite them expressing so).


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