The Race To Being The Best Is Ultimately One With Oneself

Have you ever considered how we have grown up thinking that our competitions are always with another person or group? How society has pit ourselves against each other to supposedly push us further? When you look at the greats, the ones who are successful at their own respective fields, you would find that they do not subscribe to that idea at all. In their mind, their only competition is themselves. It is not that they think that they are the best and it is all inflated self-praising at hand here. It is simply the fact they have finally understood how life works, at least in this department. The fact that they can only control their own state be it physical, mind and emotions; their level of work and dedication; their perspectives and views on things; all of those and more suggest that concerning themselves with another person/party is all but a fruitless effort. The only person that matter in the race to being the best, is you. It is you that have to make the decisions and choices. It is you that have to agree or disagree and accept or not what is thrown at you. All of those things add up to your chances of being the best. So stop wasting time putting the blame or fault at another person (even though you think or know for a fact that it was his/hers) and focus on the one person that truly matter in the race, yourself. Have you done whatever it takes? If so, then let go. Do not concern yourself with the outcome. That is not for you to bear.


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