Never Be The Smartest Person In The Room

Unfortunately, some of us tend to occasionally fall into the trap of wanting to be the smartest person in the room. Perhaps it is because of how we were conditioned when we were younger that being smart gets rewarded and vice versa or it could very well be an ego thing. The reality is that there will always be someone smarter than you. And if you define being smart to having the best grades then perhaps it is time to broaden your mind. Smart is intangible. And in order for businesses and society to justify the relevance of a formal education, they begin to quantify it. By making you do tests and comparing you with one another. All in the efforts of making the intangible, tangible (and of course, money). When you understand that simple fact where there will always be someone smarter than you, you will be in the position to absorb new information and knowledge or perhaps even gained a better understanding on those that you already know. And you can’t argue that those are not good things to have. Go on and eat the humble pie. You got nothing to lose but everything to gain.


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