Clean Your Heart

This might sound funny to you but I doubt you had ever got your heart checked for cleanliness. Working, perhaps. But cleanliness, I don’t think so. Cleanliness of the heart is rid of hatred, animosity and negative intentions and feelings towards another person. Sometimes, unknowingly, we have those hosted in our hearts and we find ourselves seeing the world in a negative light without understanding why. Seeking to wrong people for no apparent reason and to smile when someone gets hurt. All of those stems from having an unclean heart. So what can you do about it? You can’t possible take it and clean it with soap. That would be possible in cartoons but not in reality. Instead try cleaning it with love, gratitude and happiness. When you fill your heart with those attributes and feelings, you start shaping your thoughts differently. You then translate things differently, in fact more positively. You start to find good in everyone and everything. You speak of good things and refrain from adding filth into your mouth. You understand and realise that there’s always two side of the story and that in the end, you have no power or authority to someone else’s life and that the only thing that you can do is to advice in the very best of manner.


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