Do Not Let Hatred Stay In Your Heart

I know there will be times where hate comes into your life. Either an act that was done to you, a product that was made, a service that was experienced, a particular attitude that was given to you, an organisation and what it does, an agenda that was made or even a person. All of those and more will trigger that feeling of intense dislike. To tell you not to feel it is unrealistic. What you can try to do is to ensure that it does not creep into your heart and stay there. If you need to deal with it head on and get it out of the way, do so. Just make sure that it does not fester in your heart or that would be toxic for your body. What that toxic does is that it will shape a negative outlook in your mind thus making you act and behave from a position of hatred. And this will seep into every nooks and cranny of your life eventually.


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