Control Your Anger

The measure of true strength is not the one with the biggest muscles or even the one who could carry the heaviest weight. But those who can control their anger. They are the strongest people. It is the battle with yourself day in, day out that matters. To succeed, you need to be able to master the one person that can either make or break you – yourself. Controlling your anger is one of the key thing to take note of. By being able to do so, you are able to think and act with a sound mind which is very important because not doing so usually spells chaos and disaster. The things that get said in the heat of the moment, those things are not able to be retracted when they have been let out. And words are like some said, sharper than knife. It can cut through so deep that it will leave a deep scar on the receiving end. Actions are exaggerated to release the tensions that a person feel in order to satiate the anger. Although it is not easy to do so, admittedly, it is not impossible either. Change your state whenever you are angry. Walk away. Change positions. Splash some water onto your face. Just don’t take it out. Don’t let it win.


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