Be Thrifty In Good And Bad Times

We all know that money does not fall from the sky. Or grow on trees. That is clear. But we usually forget about that when we have a lot of it – ‘a lot’ here is indefinitely respective to the individual. What I meant is that in good times, most of us are usually less conservative or thrifty. The spending of wealth is more robust in good times as compared to the bad ones. That is the norm. However, wouldn’t it allow for an individual to be able to withstand good and bad times by being thrifty in both? When a person understands the value of money, he or she would be able to have a better appreciation of it thus making better decisions of how to spend it. Their decisions would not be clouded by the different levels in their wealth instead being clear headed in their approach to it. The result, when in good times, they are not fazed by it and in bad times, not paralysed.


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