Ask A Better Question

If you want to see your life improve, try asking a better question. If you notice, sometimes, people ask questions for the sake of asking or wanting to sound involved and thoughtful. Unfortunately, at most times, that works against them. Because if they were to think it through at least a little, they would find that their objectives would be better met if they were to word it a certain way or they could even find that the question was inappropriate and that asking a better one would serve their time and the other party’s better.

This also works for when asking yourself some questions. Whenever you ask a question to yourself, your mind will search for the best and honest answer that it can give you as it is simply giving that thought some air time of what was always in the back of your mind. Instead of asking yourself “why am I fat?”, try “how do I lose the fat?”. Notice that the latter serves you more in finding solutions to your issue rather than drowning in it. So do yourself a favour, start asking a better question.


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