Schedule Your Rest Time

We all need to rest. Even robots need to recharge. Let alone a human being. However, have we been giving ourselves ample amount of rest? True, the amount differs from one to the other but nonetheless it is still very much needed. Too often, we put rest on the back end. More like an afterthought. We rationalise that by working hard and saving on rest times, we would get to our intended destination faster. But we then forget about the need to refuel our jet when it needs to be refuelled. You see, ignoring this basic need will cause significant damages in the long run. Most people will eventually crash and burn when going down that pathway. And then they will end up lazy and not having the energy or even the will to continue the journey. Remember it is not a race but a marathon. So take care of yourself. The only person that you are competing is with yourself. So make sure that you get your sufficient rest when needed and then get back charging the course. Schedule your rest time in. Do not let it happen when you have gotten all your work done. Work never truly gets done. So go ahead and take care of yourself.


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