Substitute Willpower With Conditioning

Our willpower is not really our strongest suit. Don’t believe anyone who said it is. What really is are the conditionings that have been put on us that has the real power. Willpowers waver. They are not constant. They can be at an all-time high or at an all-time low. To determine or predict what level it will play at each day is impossible unless you can predict all the future outcomes that will be happening to and around you. Use conditions instead. Conditionings are set of rules that have been put in place to make things a go whether times are good or bad. No matter what happens, you will put on that shoes and do your sprints. You will get up off bed and make breakfast for your loved ones. Unless of course you are bed ridden or too sick to do them. Conditioning aids this internal battle that we have within ourselves every time we want to do something that needs to be done, especially ones that take us from our comfort zones. You got to train yourselves to be alright with it. The first few times might be hard. For some, the midway would be harder but the main point is, to keep at it. Keep at it till it becomes a natural routine.


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