What Do You Need?

When trying to help everyone else around us, we often times neglect the one important person that really matters – ourselves. People might be quick to brand it a selfish statement or thought. But I beg to differ. In trying to ‘save the world’, one needs to also ask the question, ‘who is saving them’. We are but only humans, not without our own individual needs. Some when mentioned about this, fervently agree that taking care of one’s own need is equally important however, most of the time, they appear to have a hard time addressing that issue. If you then happen to take a peek at their schedule or calendar, you will understand why that is so. Most people do not think it it important to put their needs into their daily calendar and expect to ‘indulge’ in it when there is a ‘free time’. The problem is, there is always something to do so you might very well do yourself some good and schedule your ‘me time’ into your calendar.


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