Have Time For Yourself

The idea of having time for yourself rarely get people’s attention. To many, that is undeniably a selfish thought. They might nod their heads in agreement when it is being mentioned to them. However, deep inside their hearts, they could not accept it. They are either ‘too busy’ to have time for themselves or that it is simply a nice idea and that they will probably get to it eventually. And we all know how that ends up – it never gets done. Who are we kidding? Until they make it a priority too in their lives, it will not get done. Remember that your own self has a right over you and your time. I know that you are trying to save the world out there but who’s going to continue to save them if you’re not longer there? So do everyone else and yourself a favour, schedule your me-time. It can be just a few minutes after you wake up where you journal you things that you’re grateful for, reassess your life and future plans. Or have morning rituals that energise your body either through Qigong, Yoga or simply running. You could even take out a book that helps you to mentally grow and read it. Whatever that makes you be better, do it. When you continuously do that, you will realise that you can be more effective at serving others thereby making the world a little better.


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