Expect Only Of Yourself

A lot of hurt and disappointment stems from our expectations of others. It is no wonder why many of us get in those states quite often. It is as though we have been wired to put expectations on others and hoping/trusting them to meet those in our everyday lives. Who taught us to do that? Do we really have to do it like so? I mean, why put yourself into that same cycle over and over again if you know that the odds are against you. Look, the only person who you could ‘safely’ put your bets on, is your one true self, no one else. The simple reason is because you can determine and control yourself – thoughts, actions, etc. But trying to control someone else’s, that is almost impossible and not a wise use of your energy. You are better positioned focusing it and your limited resources like time, on yourself and achieve the expectations that you have set for yourself. That way, you would also not be unnecessarily bitter towards someone just because he or she failed to meet your exceedingly high expectations of them based on your own knowledge, experience and assumption of the other party.


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