Take It or Leave It

They say that opportunity does not come knocking on your door twice. Well, sometime they do. But let’s not get into that. Whenever we find ourselves in that moment of opportunity, we are often left with two decisions to make – take it or leave it. Rarely do we get a chance to “think about it”. I mean, it is not like they come at you all the time. That would just mean that you are either really good at creating opportunities for yourself or that you are just simply ‘lucky’. But meh, we don’t really believe in luck. Things do not just merely happen for the sake of happening. So if you are presented with an opportunity, what should you do then? Take it or leave it. That is the question here. The truth is, you actually know deep in your heart, what is right for you. Yes, do not be concern with what is right according to others. Focus on what is right for you. It is your life after all so please, take everyone else’s inputs with a lot of grains of salt. Then after you take into consideration all of the things that you need to consider, make your choice. Either way, make sure you are good with the decision, not so much anyone else.


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