How Many Times Have You Escaped Death?

escalator-769790_640Death is always a great topic to talk about, especially in relation with success. But this time, let’s change it a little. Instead of looking at death as being a ‘time bomb’ therefore urging us to pursue whatever it is that we really want, what if we were to look at it as ‘land mines’? Recount your own memories thus far. How many times have you escaped death? How many times has it been a ‘close call’? There are probably more than you can remember. And that has to mean something. The fact that you are being blessed with another day, another moment, it has to mean something. It cannot mean nothing. Because if you truly have been in a ‘near death’ experience, you know that your existence is not without purpose.

So take your time now, and really look back at how many times have you escaped death. Write them out.

Your life has a purpose. You need to go find what that is and make it count.


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