Stop Thinking Too Much. We Already Know The Answers.

light_raceWhat if I tell you that a lot of thinking is counter productive? To those who are already enlightened, let this be just a reminder to make that understanding even firmer. The way most of us have been brought up and exposed to is the idea that thinking is good and the more you do that, the greater it is. Society places heavy emphasis to professionals, academics, scholars, etc. that serve to foster and manifest the idea that thinking is necessary. Think about this, eating is good but too much of it is definitely not, so is weight training, while doing it is great, too much of it might indeed have an adverse effect on the body. I don’t have to tell you this, but you might have probably guessed that the ‘S’ word that we here more often in this time than in any other perios – stress – is a result of too much thinking. Most of the time, we already know the answers to what we are searching for. I guess, for some of us, it is the fear of not doing what we have been accustomed and brought up to do that stops us from taking that step forward. So start small, or wherever you are and see how that takes you. You might be surprised by the result.


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