What They See Is More Important Than What Is

Perception is what it is. You can try to argue that it does not allow for a fair assessment of things or you can just accept that it exist no matter how ‘wrong’ you think it is, move on and embrace it. I strongly recommend doing the latter, purely for your own mental sake. Fighting against nature is a such a never-ending battle.

Anyways, it is not like it is all bad. In fact, when done right, you can use perception to your advantage. Remember, presentation is everything. How others see you, is what they would think of you and the more you try to say otherwise, you would just be deemed as being defensive if not, a liar.

So, remember to ensure that how you present yourself, is how you want to be seen. If not, you have no legitimate reason to be unhappy with, but only at yourself, if others do not take you as how you want them to.

They say ‘seeing is believing’, make that work for you like it has so many successful others before you.


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