You Can’t Have Everything You Want

Quote 540 - www.khairilsianiparWouldn’t it be awesome if we could have all the cakes, pizzas and wings to our hearts’ content? Well, save for the major discomfort that will ensue at a later time and perhaps a pang of guilt, it could very well be, awesome.

When setting out for a big goal, you need to bear in your mind that there will be a trade off. You might have to sleep less, not able to watch your favourite shows or even not hanging out as often as you would like to with your loved ones. Your trade off could very well be something else but just be clear on this, you will have to give up something you hold dear. But herein lies the good news, once you are aware and have successfully given up that which you hold dear, you are a step closer in the right direction – your big goal.

Ask yourself this question – Is your goal worth giving up some ‘precious’ things?

Side note: What one holds precious is subjective at best. To each his own.


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