Success Is A Much Better Teacher Than Failure

We have heard it all too many times – learn from your mistakes, failure is a good teacher and many others that highly regards failures as an important learning moment. My only caveat with it is that after you learn from your mistakes, then what? How do you get to your desired success? Yes you know what you should not be doing, but if there are 10 000 different ways to fail, it is going to be one long ardous journey. It certainly does make a great story to share when you have finally achieved success but what if you can save a lot of that precious time and reach your intended destination too?

Your successes are definitely great assets, if you only realise. And the best part is, it does not necessarily have to be in the field that you want to achieve success in your current adventure. The persistence, drive, discipline and mindset of your previous success(es) are exactly what you need at the moment. Those principles are universal. Apply them in your current context and you should be able to create the success that you desire. Alas, if you do not have any prior successes or are having troubling recalling them off hand, do not worry. There are many others who have taken the time and effort to share theirs, even packaging them nicely in the form of books and talks. If you think that it will do you some much needed boost, check them out. And one of the perks of living in this technologically advanced world is that you can get them without living your room. So what’s your excuse now?


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