Blood Is Not Thicker Than Water

In our attempts to be socially accepted by other people, we sometimes neglect to appreciate and pay attention to the ones closest to us. Perhaps in our minds, we think that because they are family or have some sort of familial ties, they would always be there. That in the end, whatever happens, ‘blood is thicker than water’. But is it really? Relationships, be it blood or not, are between two sets of individuals. Maybe there are evidences to suggest that because of a predetermined relationship term, there is an unspoken connection that exist, or is that perhaps partly also due to the ideas and believes of what those relationships signify that brought upon those feelings of attachment?

There are also instances where our expectations of the people closest to us are exponentially raised to accommodate our feeling of self-worth, that we are connected to people of a certain standard. This seed of destruction of any relationship needs to be address and squash as early as when identified else it will grow like a sapling and in the end when it is too big of a tree and have its roots planted firmly on the ground, it will be a lot harder to remove it.

We need to constantly remind and be at peace with ourselves that as human beings we are created unique. Even between twins there can be a total opposite in personality and interests, what more among other family members? And try as you may to change another person, it is almost an impossible task. However, the easiest way is for you to change yourself. Well, of course not anything that you don’t want to. However if you find that by changing the way you think, and the level of expectation that you impose on the people closest to you will help to improve your relationship, then what will that be worth to you? Will it be worth the effort for you to consider and try? Or is your ego more important?


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