Aren’t We All In Sales?

We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we have to sell something. It could be an idea or a product. That being said, yes, we are all salespeople. There really is no need to hate the word ‘sales’. The difference between those working the sales floor and the rest of us is that the former do not really get to choose the product that they are selling and yes, they are also paid for doing the work. So how then do the rest of us got ourselves involve in something that we think most people run away from? The word sales or selling has a few different names depending on the context, but they generally mean the same thing – convincing, pitching, sharing and even talking, with the intention to influence or cause a reaction. So recall then how did you manage to successfully influence or convince someone? Most of us do it unknowingly by simply sharing our own personal experiences with regards to the subject at hand. In case you forgotten, sincerity and genuinity still work. So the next time you find yourself in a position to sell, speak from your own personal experience. Make that human connection and you might find yourself getting good at it, officially now.


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