Practise Restrain As A Sign Of Respect, Not Weakness

A lot of times when dealing with people, we sometimes let our emotions get the best of us, or in some cases, our personalities. There are those who do not shy away from expressing their views, not because they seek attention and validation, but mostly due to the fact that they have a strong belief in their viewpoint and are not afraid of saying it out loud. As much as the trait is admired as only a few possesses it – some simply could not care less about what was said or perhaps they are afraid that their response might be incorrect – the bearer needs to practise restrain so as not to embarrass the other party, especially in a group setting. This habit and attitude would be much appreciated and respected. Let the person have his or her moment. And when it is appropriate to express your views, do it in a way that it does not embarrass the person. Perhaps, ask for an opinion. That usually works. And always remember your tone of voice. Best if has the element of sincerity, curiosity and confusion.


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