You Create Opportunities By Preparing Yourself

The world is not fair. Scratch that.

Each of us is dealt with a different deck of cards. Rest assured that each deck has its fair of share of ups and downs. If you can’t seem to see the latter on other people, they just might be better at hiding them. What is important to remember is that it is not what you have been dealt with that should be the focus. Rather, how you use those cards to your advantage. If your situation is not common, i.e. similar set of stories that fill the media space, then you have been given the gift to be the first one to blaze the trail. Waiting around for opportunities to be handed to you is going to be a long, if not eternal wait. You need to go out there and create them. And one of the simplest way to do that is to prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for whatever that is you want so that when a situation presents itself, that is your opening, your opportunity. And that my friend is how you create your own success story.


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