Learn To Say ‘No’

If you ever want to achieve anything, you need to learn to say ‘no’. Say ‘no’ to the things that deter you from achieving your goals. It is not going to be an easy ride mind you, it all depends on how much you really want it. And being able to say ‘no’ will get you a step closer to your goals. Many a times people fail to achieve what they want because they are not strong enough to reject offers and temptations from external factors. Here’s the thing, most people will not support you in your goal seeking adventure. They might say that they want the best for you, but truly what they want is what is best for them when it comes to you. It is not because they are self-centred and selfish. Well, maybe some of them are. But majority are just too busy and stressed with their own lives to give attention to other matters. So if you want to lose that belly fat, gain muscle mass or be any success story for that matter, you need to learn to put your interest first. Practise saying ‘no’ to others. Get comfortable with it. It is not going to be easy the first few times. But when you have finally realised that you matter too and you begin to have no qualms in saying ‘no’ to others/external factors, then you are very well on the right track to achieving your desired goals.


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