What Can You Give?

Quote 25 - khairilsianiparBeing on the receiving end of a good thing is definitely not something that you can complain about. However, when you begin to continuously ask yourself what can you get in practically every occasion, that is a major cause for concern. Many attribute the act of receiving gifts and the likes as means that makes one happy. However, most will realise that that happiness lasts for a very short while and then the cycle begins in search of the next item to give that same positive effect.

If you have realised that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a much different result does not make any sense at all, you might want to search for an alternative.

So here is a simple one. Instead of asking “what can I get?”, ask “what can I give?” You will be surprised what this small change in thinking will do to your life in more ways than one.


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