The More Successful You Become, The More Humble You Should Be

Quote 24 - khairilsianipar

Is there really a need for arrogance in this world? Does a higher position or status in society or work entails you a free pass to be arrogant? But why then is that a common sight? When asked, most would not agree to the equation that success equals the right to be arrogant. However, when the same people are put into that position, more often than not, the sentiment is forgotten. Or perhaps it comes in a package? That you have to act a certain way when you are put into that position. These people are indeed an interesting bunch.

There are many very successful people out there who do not have an ounce of ‘air’ to their personality. They are the most humble people despite their tremendous success and perhaps because of that, on top of everything else, they continue to become even more successful. It is no wonder actually. Because in the end whoever that we worked with, they are human beings, with the same basic needs and fairly similar wants. So why then do we have to disregard or demean others who are in the position below us? Is it because the successes have got into our head? Have we lose sight of what truly matters? Or is it simply because we were just too caught up in our work to notice our misguided actions? If that is the case, let’s reboot or refresh that ‘humility button’ in ourselves and strive to become a better human being. What’s so successful if you have all the wealth and status in the world but no one beside you?


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