Good Is The Enemy of Great

Quote 17 - khairilsianiparIt is both funny and interesting in the same time when the two words – good and great – are being put in an analogy where the former is the enemy of the latter. Most of us grew up having been taught that those two words are positive. Indeed they are. And yes we also understood that ‘great’ has a higher stature in comparison to ‘good’. So the issue comes in when we reach the ‘good’ stage in the things that we pursue. A lot of the people are able to achieve that. But only a few manages to reach the ‘great’ stage.

The idea that we are capable of achieving greatness will only remain an illusion if we cannot move ourselves past the ‘good’ stage. That is where one feels comfortable with the position that he/she is in. Truly, achieving ‘good’ is already quite a feat for some people. And most are happy with that. But if you are one of those who do not accept that to be the level where you associate yourself with, then you need to will yourself to do what most will not – that is to persist on further, to go the extra mile, to dream even bigger dreams, to not accept others’ opinions as their own and to continuously make the effort to grow. It is those people that will highly succeed. They will be able to break through the threshold that comes in with being ‘good’ to achieve being ‘great’.


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