Stop Comparing Your Worst With Other People’s Best

Quote 15 - khairilsianiparIt’s funny how often we compare our worst with others’ best subconsciously. Thing is, there is always a high chance that you are doing better than them in other areas. Yes, some might argue that we are not comparing the same things here which goes against the popular idea that we should ‘compare apples to apples, not to oranges’ but what is the point of doing so if it is only going to make you feel inferior and less than? Instead of dwelling in self-pity that is not going to lift you up, why don’t you start by making some mental adjustments? Remind yourself of areas in your life right now that you feel proud of. Surely there are some. If not, take a deep breath, clear your mind and reflect. There certainly are. Those should be your source of light. Regardless of how ‘small’ they are to others, they should give you strength. And let’s be real, this is something that should not concern anyone else but you. So stop comparing your worst with other people’s best. Better yet, stop comparing yourself with others if it is only to bring you down.


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