Don’t Do Anything Half-Ass

Quote 14 - khairilsianiparIf only you realise that time is never on your side, the way you do things will be different. Well, it should. Most of us have all too often wasted this valuable commodity doing two things – that which do not make them happy and not giving their best when doing something. Indeed some would suggest that the idea of choosing to do things that only make them happy is too idealistic but lets leave that to another occasion.

I personally believe that time and doing our best at whatever it is that we do are two separate entities that complements each other really well. Without one, the need to appreciate the other decreases. However when put the two together, it then becomes obvious.

Would you love someone only half-heartedly if you knew that in any moment, that person could be taken away from you? Would you put in only half the effort at work if you knew that your income depends on how well you perform with a set of given time? Would you do something just for the sake of it if you knew that it would be the last time you will be given the opportunity?

Do not let the thoughts of maintaining status quo, not upsetting fellow peers or even losing ‘friends’ stop you from giving it your best when doing anything. Those who truly care about you and are genuinely good people will want to see you fly, not stuck rooted at the same ground with them. If there is an opportunity for you to soar, they will be the ones who cheer you on. Likewise, do the same for others. Maintain and surround yourself with that kind of positive energy.

Our time here is but for a short time. Once a moment is loss, no amount of money, pleading or praying would ever get it back. Don’t do anything half-ass. If you are going to do something, be the best you can personally be, if not the world.


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