“How Are You?”

Quote 9 - khairilsianiparIf you are in contact with other human beings, you might hear this phrase – “How are you?” – a lot. There are a number of variations to it but they are all essentially the same. This question when asked with complete sincerity creates a belief in the receiver that he or she matters, at least to the one who asked. However, perhaps due to its overuse where to most, the phrase has become sort of a prelude to the ‘main topic’ at hand, the sincerity and meaning of the question is lost. But that is beside the point of this entry.

Recall how you usually respond to such questions? Is it mostly with a short and curt reply – ‘I’m fine’, ‘not too bad’, ‘ok’ – or do you respond at length of how you truly are doing at that moment in time? I believe that most fall under the former category. Perhaps because it doesn’t really require much effort or they might even think that there is no use to tell the other person about their problems or that they are having such a blast but they do not want to hurt the other person’s feelings by doing so, or so they thought.

The thing is, if a person is down, perhaps having another downer will not be much of a help is it? A little dose of positivity would surely come in handy. Or who knows, the other person could just be the one to help you out with your problems? Remember, we are created to be interdependent. It is really okay to seek help and much so, giving one. So the next time someone asks you how you are, go ahead and tell them. If in any case, they become upset because of how great your life is and theirs is the total opposite, don’t worry about it. They are the ones who asked. That reaction means that they have some issues that they have to deal with inside themselves. You on the other hand, keep on doing your thing.


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