Pick Your Battles

Quote 5 - www.khairilsianiparBy now, you should have realised that the world is rid with a lot of challenges. There are many opportunities to do good and combat a string of issues ranging from injustice, hunger, slavery, lack of education, access to drinking water, natural disasters, global warming, health, financial literacy and a whole lot more. However, you need to realise that you have needs to be met as well. Despite how noble it sounds to give yourself up for the sake of humanity at large, you will be serving others better when your own are met. It might sound exciting to be involved with solving a bunch of challenges at the same time but perhaps you would be more efficient and productive if you were to pick your battles and do them well. You would probably want to choose the one closest to your heart first or something that you have expertise in or perhaps one that you are most passionate about. Once that is done, you can then move on to others. Heal the world, focusing on one challenge at a time.


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