Invite, Never Force, Others To Do Good


As we get further along in life, we will have a certain bearing of what’s good and bad either through our own experiences or by observing the many different events around us. We then sometimes feel compelled to ensure that others do not fall into the errors that we have experienced or witnessed. However, unfortunately sometimes, out of the purest and noblest of intentions, in our sheer desperation to not let others, especially the people that we care, fall into such errors, our approach may come across as forceful. This has a high risk of inadvertently pushing them away from our message thus backfiring on us.

Perhaps you might want to ask yourself this question – Would you rather be invited or forced to do something?

Many will usually opt for the former. We love to be invited but never forced to do something, even if it is ‘for our own good’. Understanding and applying this simple concept will allow our message to be received much better. Any good message delivered across in a form of an order or command is often counterproductive. So let us remind ourselves to be gracious and practise the habit of sending out ‘invitations’.


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