It Is A Lot Easier To Change Yourself Than Somebody Else

Sometimes we encounter situations where we think to ourselves that if only we could change the other party either physically or mentally, everything will be as it should be, ‘perfect’, at least in our minds. However that is never the case. Changing somebody else is no easy feat, let alone possible unless he or she is committed to do so. Note that I said committed, and not only expressing desires/wanting to change. Because the latter is very easy on the tongue but more often than not is only left at that. When someone is committed to change, it will be reflected in the person’s state of mind, demeanor and most evidently, actions. Yes, undoubtedly, to be able to change somebody else to suit your fancy would be great – imagine turning on and off the remote control. Very convenient indeed. But the reality of life, and dare I say the beauty of it is that we are our own person. And embracing this diversity will further enrich this temporary state we are in called life. So if thoughts of changing somebody else ever occur to you, perhaps you should direct it to yourself.

Two choices:

  1. Change your conditions or
  2. Change your blueprint, i.e. what you believe it should be.

You will find that life is much ‘easier’ and a lot more manageable when you shift your attention to the one person that you can successfully change, and that is yourself.


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