24 Hours. No More, No Less. Plan It Out.

Time is the most precious and unique commodity. They are not your metals or lands that only a few can ‘own’. Every single one of us is given the same amount of it. No more, no less. 24 hours. And for whatever hands that we have been dealt with in life, the examples of those who made it despite adversity and hardship are living proofs that it is not the lack of money, status or intelligence that define if someone will succeed or not. It essentially boils down to the decisions and actions taken in that same 24 hours that everyone has. So perhaps, if there is just one area in your life that you may want to improve in order to achieve the life that you desire is to look at what you do with your time. And here’s a tip – you need to plan it out. Leaving it to chance is high chance a way to not do anything that brings you closer to your goals.


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