To Get Things Done, Be In A Peak State

Our state affects us in all aspects of our lives. If we are in a peak state, where our energy and focus is on a high, we can do just about anything. And the same goes for the opposite. If our state is on the lower end, that is where we make up a bunch of excuses to do something and finally admit to ourselves that it is not important enough, or just plain ignore it. It doesn’t really matter though does it. As long as you can switch up your ‘state’ level, you will get it done. Tony Robbins mentioned that they are two ways that you can change this, and the first one is to change your physiology, i.e. your body.

You will notice that if you are at a low level of state, you tend to not be sitting up right, your body is slouching or curling, your head is drooped low and your hands are all closed by your sides. So like training a muscle at the gym, do the same thing for your physiology, move them. Force yourself to sit up straight, chest out, head up, hands up and shout out a cheer that empowers you. If you think that it is strange, it is. But if this strange thing works, what does it really cost you? If you do not want to do it in public, do it in private. Keep on pushing the energy level up by moving your whole body and you will be in a peak state in no time. Go on try this first, give it your all. If you don’t, it won’t work.


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