Have An Open Mind

Having a closed mind inhibits you to receive and discover knowledge that is awaiting you. This powerful tool in our system can pretty much determine the course of our lives. When our minds are well opened to receive knowledge, i.e. not sceptical or bias towards the messenger, you will find that the tranfer is a relatively smooth process. But if your condition is otherwise, try as one might, that knowledge will never be yours. Remember, hearing it and owning it is an entirely separate matter. The former could very well be a fleeting pass while the latter is when you embody it thereby causing an output in your lives. So before you attend a talk, seminar, lecture, study circle or any event for that matter, remember to have an open mind. Even if you have heard the topic a thousand times, you never know that if you were to look at it again, coupled with a more developed fresh pair of eyes, you could notice something that never crossed your mind earlier.


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