Like It Or Not, You Are An Ambassador

You are an ambassador. I am an ambassador. We might not have ‘official’ titles, working for the government, representing our countries in the effort to maintain diplomatic relations but that does not mean that we are without ambassador duties. Yes, I do admit that having diplomatic immunity would definitely up the cool factor but nonetheless, a duty is a duty. Even if we did not ask for it.

Being associated or affliated with any institution or organisation or religion for that matter comes with the ambassador duty package. As much as we know that as humans, we have our moments, it does get difficult when our unfortunate ones reflect to a certain extent, our associations.

It is not fair. But that is how for a lack of better word, simple, most people can be. So if you do care about any of the associations that you are a part of, or at least the people who are in them, perhaps you might want to start by taking this duty seriously and let not a negative thing being said to the association because of you.


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