It Is Not Networking. It Is Making Genuine Conversations.

I personally dislike the word ‘networking’. Maybe it is because of how it is used by most, as a means to obtain something that will benefit the ‘networker’ or at the very least, in a cause that they believe in. If you observe how people behave in these social networking settings, you will see how they will assess someone from afar, to figure out if they are ‘worth making the effort’ and then act accordingly. Whatever happened to making genuine conversations with another human being just because? We ought to really ask ourselves, is that how we should move forward, as an individual, a society, that always put business first above genuine human interactions? What message are we telling the world? That all those good deeds are an act and there are always hidden agendas behind them? Really? And what is even funnier is this, that people can sense if you are being genuinely interested in them or not. Ironic much?


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