When The Task Ahead Seems Daunting, Break It Down

We all have been there – where we are stuck with the task at hand because of its’ sheer magnitude. We then crawl in our small comfortable space and hope for the task to pass or that someone else will relieve it from you or at least offer you some help. It will take a while but sooner or later we realise that no one is coming and the task is still there, waiting.

In these situations, there are two ways to go about it.

  1. You can be bigger than the task at hand.
    • Educate yourself (read, research, asking around)
    • Develop necessary skills
  2. You can break the task down.

Breaking it down is a simple concept that most will be able to grasp. No problem is one big giant entity. An enormous tree, sure. But just one entity, hard to believe. Taking the example of the tree, when we begin to list down what it comprises of – roots, leaves, stems, branches, flowers, etc. – it shifts our mindset from thinking that we are dealing with one giant concept to a few small ones. And when it is small, naturally it is more manageable.

Similarly with our tasks. When at first they seem too hard to handle, breaking it down will make the situation a more manageable one.


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