Aren’t You Being Selfish?

When we talk about health and nutrition, often most will make snide remarks and annoying faces. They think that those who advocate a responsible approach when it comes to health and nutrition are in their own little world where they are losing much of what life is to offer. Well, if you live to eat, I can see the point that you are trying to make. But sadly, your ego aside, that is not the case.

We probably have heard about good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. How it is important to you and such. Then there will be some who thinks that, it is “my body, I’ll do whatever I want with it”. Great. How empowering that must have felt to you.

Listen, if you are living alone in this world with no one else who loves and cares about you and you couldn’t care less about what happens to you then perhaps this argument does not apply. But if you do, even if it is just one person, then don’t you think that you owe it to them, if not yourself, to take better care of your own health? Eat the right things. Drink lots of water. Perform regular exercises.

You can probably research about all of those stuff. Or you can even ask someone who practises them for some tips.

  1. For example, do not have your delicious and rich local meals daily. Try once a week instead.
  2. Do not stock the irresistible junk food in your kitchen. You are pretty much setting up yourself for failure. Try this instead – go out and buy that particular junk food on your scheduled ‘cheat’ day and finish it before the day’s end.
  3. Schedule your exercise regime in your daily calendar and do it! If you are starting out, don’t be too ambitious. Start light. Perhaps a walk in the park. No pun intended.

There are many tips and recommendations that you can find online or offline. You just need to make a conscious decision to do so. A lot of health problems can be prevented if you make the decision to be responsible for the food that you consume or prepare for the family. Do not wait till you are diagnosed with something to then finally take action. Why wait? Aren’t you being selfish?


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