Being Called A Workaholic Is Not A Compliment

It seemed to some people, that being called a workaholic is something to be proud of. It supposedly shows dedication, hard working, good work ethics and possibly a great hire. The reality is this – the only side that is truly reaping the benefits of your workaholicism is not yours. It is whoever that you are working for. They are the ones who are benefiting from all of your hard work. You might disagree and say that your clients are also benefiting from it too. But here is the thing. You are your own client first. If you are busy being addicted to work, and you sacrifice yourself in the process regardless how ‘noble’ the cause is, you have just failed your most important client; you. So now, whenever someone calls you a workaholic, it might do you some good to pause and reflect on what have you been doing all this while. Where are you in your list of to-dos? Get some help if you must. Unless you want to end up in rehab.


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